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I am a Captain flying the Boeing 737 for a major American airline. I've been flying since joining the Air Force in the early 80s and retired from the service after spending nine years on active duty and eleven in the Air Force Reserve. Aircraft I flew for the military include instructing Undergraduate Pilot Training students in the  T-37 primary jet trainer, the KC-135 Stratotanker and the C-5 Galaxy cargo aircraft. I've been based in Texas, California, Arizona and Okinawa, Japan.

I have a degree in electrical engineering from Bucknell University and was commissioned through AF Officer Training School in San Antonio, Tx.

I've been employed with my current airline for over 25 years flying various Boeing aircraft and have been a Captain for over 20 years amassing over 20,000 hrs of Part 121 flying.

My objective is to be informative and honest. Positions I take may or may not hew to a particular corporate viewpoint but I try to call them as I see them.

My off duty interests include photography, guitar, piano, and writing this blog.

Please feel free to forward links, share on Facebook, Twitter or Google, etc. I'm also glad to answer questions or consider requests for subjects to cover. Just leave a comment.

Oh, and don't forget to check out my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter (@CaptRob007). My photography blog can be found here where I post some of my photographs. Aviation photos and other high resolution photos can be purchased here.

Happy Travels!

Captain Rob Graves

The Captain...in happier times.

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