Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chicken Tonight!

There's an old saying that goes "sometimes chicken, sometimes feathers". Well I was firmly in the chicken column tonight. I was supposed to commute to Detroit last night to begin my normal three day trip this morning but the fates had something different in mind.

Having checked the weather, it was apparent that another polar vortex (the kind that are the cause of or effect from global warming) was descending on the hamlet of Detroit. I'm generally good down to about 25°F but the forecast was for temps to drop to -15°F so I packed my scarf and hat and wore the leather preparing for a chilly night in the crash pad.

But, as I walked into the Pittsburgh terminal and looked up at the big board, my flight was showing cancelled. There was,  however, another flight that was delayed and still boarding. Hurrying through security and to the gate I was just in time to see the jet bridge pull back and the agent I affectionately call the troll say "sorry sweetie".

This was no big deal as while I usually take the last flight up to avoid an extra minute in South Detroit, our commuter policy meant scheduling just had to catch me up with my trip the next morning and though I would forfeit the pay for any missed legs, I wouldn't get a no-show. So I called wifey to return to the airport for a ride and then scheduling.

Well it seems that Detroit was having a bad night and after explaining my sitch to the scheduler, she told me that my entire next day of flying had been cancelled and my only duty was to deadhead to St. Louis for the overnight. This meant an extra day off, and no loss of pay. I'd just get myself to St. Louis. Yipee!

Of course this means somewhere down the road there will be a price to pay. It's the iron clad law of the commuter.

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