Friday, November 19, 2004

Another Day Off

Here I am again wasting time on the computer on a day off. I should be going through my stack of bills and papers, or cleaning the boat, or fixing the fence but it is far easier to just click away from Quicken and check out the latest gossip online. The wife and I did get over to the gym this morning after dropping the kids off at school and helping to set up for their Thanksgiving feast. Once we got home I even ordered some flowers for my mother for turkeyday and a replacement canopy for a shade structure in the back yard. That should be more than enough productivity for anyone on a Friday. Tomorrow my son has a swim meet and then he wants me to take him dirt biking. The weather should cooperate. On Sunday morning I'm back out the door for a three-day trip with overnights in Connecticut and Indy. The Indy hotel is a converted train station with live railroad tracks still going through the building. There is a bar next door which plays live blues most nights. Sleeping of course may not always be possible, but the blues are great.

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