Tuesday, November 16, 2004

On the Road Again

Ontario California last night. It's a nice Hilton but I don't understand why a business hotel has neither the Wall Street Journal nor a high speed internet connecion. I'm connecting through my phone to bring you these missives from the front, gentle reader. The airplane has been empty. We flew down here with about 20 people on board. Let me tell you that with an empty cabin and just 10000lbs of fuel, that wingleted, 24k engine guppy climbed out like a homesick angel. We passed back by the field climbing past 10000ft and would've been higher except for a hold down.

Short overnight last night. Just 14 hours followed by five legs today. Reno tonight for another 14 hours and then five more legs to finish the trip tomorrow night. Loads should stay light until the holiday season begins. Then of course all chaos will break out. That is all for now.

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