Saturday, November 13, 2004

My job

There's absolutely no doubt about it. I've got the best job in the universe. My employer pays me obscene amounts of money to fly a 40 million dollar state of the art aircraft from city to city while being served peanuts and diet cokes by hot young flight attendants. OK strike that. Since 9/11 we don't really see them that much. They're not supposed to come up front unless absolutely necessary but nonetheless they're still young and hot...OK strike that too. OK, its still alot of money to fly a new airplane around the country. I'm actually lucky to be flying for one of the few solvent and growing airlines. And it's actually not luck that makes my airline profitable but you wouldn't know that talking to some people. But airline economics is a topic for another day.

Yesterday we flew into PDX with about 1/16 mile visibility. Our procedures are to hand fly the aircraft (that means without the autopilot) down to 50 feet above the runway on instruments only and to then make the decision to land or go around. Sounds exciting and it is but it is even more exciting with only a few hours of sleep. There is nothing that can't be done with a venti drip Starbucks under your belt. Worth every bit of $1.93 (with the employee discount).

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